Meet Advanced Directory Print – an easy to use acomputer-folderspp that will keep your PC neat, structured and logical.

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Main features:

  •     View files and folders as a tree structure

  •     Browse through files/folders regardless of the level on which they are located in the system (e.g. hidden, system files) – this option gives you a clear view of your disc memory

  •     Search and filter out files/folders by name

  •     Deep scan allows finding the needed file regardless of how many folders it is enclosed within


This application will let you choose any amount of folders to view in a very convenient way. Be it a simple:

list of files and folders

tree structure

plain text

– the preferred one can be saved in different formats (e.g. text, html, excel file or as an image) or printed out in an instant.

Very often users experience hardships in finding some long forgotten files (pictures or music that they once enjoyed) or have constant issues with overused memory by files that they should have gotten rid of ages ago. Most probably such files are still remaining aimlessly somewhere in the corners of a poor PC. Regardless of the goal Advanced Directory Print was created in order to help you keep your files and folders well-structured and never lost.find out more

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