DIRECTORY PRINT is a utility program meant to visualize, print and process in different formats the list of files present on your computer.

You’ll be impressed how easy it is to locate the file that you’ve been searching for and process it the way you want: rename, copy, move or delete.


By coping items to the i/o buffer expands the opportunities of using them in different ways.



DP gives you the opportunity to select separate discs, folders or files and arrange them the way that is more suitable for you.

Sort out and get rid of everything that has been driving you crazy as it is still loitering around somewhere on your PC.

You can use DIRECTORY PRINT as a search engine data collation (systematization) tool and mechanism to general understanding of hierarchy of the files and folders on your PC.

We have included the Preview function that is especially handy when it comes to music libraries and image galleries – all for your convenience!

Why do you need it? How can you use it?/ How can you make use of it?

1.     With its help you can view, print, save or send the list of your files, documents or even drafts from any directory or disc – you name it!

2.     Most of the modern apps create a whole bunch of different folders that contain other folders and other ones and other and so on, plus, they can be anywhere! DIRECTORY PRINT will help you collect all the files in one place and see the whole picture; in addition, you will be able to systemize it the way YOU like it.

3.     If you have a lot of recorded videos and photos that were gathered throughout the years and placed somewhere on your computer that you can’t even figure out where exactly, then with DIRECTORY PRINT you’ll be able to view everything in one list (catalog; sheet) and sort it out how you want it.



Main Features:

·        User friendly interface

·        Catalog views

·        Item’s Preview

·        Coping files (to the i/o buffer)

·        Moving/Deleting files

·        Merging 2 and more folders together?

·        Editing of attributes

·        Tree-type structure

·        Speed, performance and compatibility

·        100% free of adware

·        Not heavy, so you can install it practically on any OS version

·        Easy to install, just follow the Setup Wizard

As a result not only you will be satisfied!